BOYFRIEND TURNS INTO A ZOMBIE?! - Friday Night Funkin Animation -

BOYFRIEND TURNS INTO A ZOMBIE?! – Friday Night Funkin Animation

STA Studios
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  1. Did anyone else see senpai’s eyebrows going up and down 100 miles per hour during the Pico and Bf battle?

  2. Wow! the animation is very cool, and very gorgeous, there is a plot, there is humor, the animation is professional, I really envy! keep up the good work! please tell me if anyone knows how to make the same professional animation based on fnf? I really need it, I want it the same way, this is my dream ..

  3. boyfriend: did you get the milk?
    me: she would never return

  4. girlfriend demon vs boyfriend zombie rap battle

  5. These animations are better than the one doing fnf and poppy playtime

  6. Bruh, add some of the sounds from Call Of Duty and it will send chills down your spine

  7. Nooooomooooooo
    Please go with the group chat with the family to go for your help at a meeting room for the first room at your room in bed and bed bed and clean up the kitchen sink

  8. (who survive) boyfriend,girlfriend,skid and pump,pico,and senpai

  9. Kidd watching this: wow this is good Me:cringe

  10. Fun:fact daddy dearest is not suppose to be angry on girlfreind that she is dating and make boyfreinds music sound like his vouse and senipa thos not want to date girlfreind

  11. Rquest: if pico was vampire and girlfriend was human they both rap

  12. 😂I like the part that says hi daddy dearest😂

  13. Do an animation when they get attacked by a wolf

  14. Boyfriend sounds like a Hippie 😂😂

  15. huh, seems like the chart is shitty and fucked up

  16. A zombie that sings spokeez exactly like Pump? Very logical😨😰😥😱

  17. Oh hey daddy dearest what’s up? Argh good!

  18. They’re cold rap battles not Beat battlesAnd my favorite character is boyfriend and girlfriend

  19. Plants vs Rappers
    Plants vs Zombies
    Plants vs Demon GF

  20. 🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡☎️☎️☎️☎️🤣🤣

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