Boyfriend turns into a Werewolf (Friday Night Funkin’) ANIMATION -

Boyfriend turns into a Werewolf (Friday Night Funkin’) ANIMATION

Dareen Younes
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This took so long to finish, but it’s finally here!!! *woot woot*
I really hope you guys enjoy this animation as much as I did animating it ♡ *beep boop bap*

Disclaimer: DD is not Boyfriend’s father! He called him “son” as an expression of endearment/sarcasm only 😛

Music used in order:
“Gettin’ Freaky – Main Menu” Friday Night Funkin’ OST
“Tutorial” Friday Night Funkin’ OST
“Dad Battle” Friday Night Funkin’ OST
“Halloween Chaser” by TeknoAXE
“Days Like These” by LAKEY INSPIRED

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  1. Bf: transforms into werewolf
    Gf: scared AF
    DD: I’m outta here! Later daughter

  2. Wolf gets eat with girlfriend arm because she turns into a werewolf

  3. Cay7809 - Roblox, SM64, and other random stuff says:

    this is actually terrible it’s good

  4. yo im happy to whatch your lovely videos again (actually those werewolf animations are so cool)


  6. Bf why would u go when ur bite by a wolf he will bite girlfriend

  7. the only thing I can think about that lol I just got the one that I was sent

  8. congratulations for the incredible work, you will have eternal followers.

  9. Do roblox guest turn into werewolf please

  10. Wow! Boyfriend and Girlfriend are became a furries.

  11. The Animation is so Awesome👍😍😍

  12. Can you make marina werewolf from zig and sharko please?

  13. Bf just kick the can into the wolf

  14. I swear that Daddy dearests scream was a technoblade sceam

  15. Daddy girlfriend just say boyfriend is his son hes real son is girl friend

  16. This was the cutest animation i have ever seen

  17. 3:56 If werewolf boyfriend doesn’t wake up tonight it won’t bother me at all

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