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“Boyfriend and Girlfriend at a WEDDING!!” – Friday Night Funkin’ Comic Dub Compilation

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This is part of a compilation that will be uploaded at the end of uploading all the comics, which will be the friday night funkin compilation, I hope you like it a lot, and remember to support these videos for more content

Original comic:

Image in the miniature:


Boyfriend/keith : YokoOwO


friday night funkin comic dub?

(it is supposed to be a dub comic about friday night funkin, but in general it is just one more video of the different memes of the game uwu)

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  1. I like to think that GF is the one that Carrie's BF

  2. Frost Pashely Channel Kitty Melody Magic Malayisa says:

    Nicee Boyfriend X Girlfriends 🥰

  3. I am always by your side ho pico yeah yeah go pico yeah

  4. Quien iso esa animacion la iso un bebe

  5. in my opinion dude the boyfriend's voice is cringe, mediocre, lame, and just dull he sounds like a 5 year old he's just a normie.

  6. What happened to the friday night funkin comics

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