Bopeebo - Friday Night Funkin' OST -

Bopeebo – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. 1 Year, and this already feels nostalgic

  2. Bopeebo Lyrics :

    ahh oooo ooo (P1)
    ahh oooo ooo (P2)
    ahhh eeee ohhh (P1)
    ahhh eeee ohhh (P2)
    ahh ah oo ahh (P1)
    ahh ah oo ahh (P2)
    ee oo oo ahh (P1)
    ee ah ooo (P1)
    ee ah ooo (P2)
    oh ee ahh (P1)
    oh ee ahh (P2)
    ah ee ohhh (P1)
    ah ee ohhh (P2)
    babisco bah ooh (P1)
    babisco bah ooh (P2)
    ahhh ahhh ahhh (P1)
    ahhh ahhh ahhh (P2)
    oo ahh o-o-o ah (P1)
    oo ahh o-o-o ah (P2)
    ahhh ahhh ahhh (P1)
    ahhh ahhh ahhh (P2)
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (P1)
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (P2)
    ahhh eeh ooooh (P1)
    ahhh eeh ooooh (P2)
    babisco bah ooh (P1)
    babisco bah ooh (P2)
    baa bee ooh baa ooh (P1)
    baa bee ooh baa ooh (P2)
    babisco bah ooh (P1)
    babisco bah ooh (P2)

  3. Remember the time where FnF was just a simple rhythm game?

    Yea me neither.

  4. Bopeebo but it's the first dream team
    Turn 1: bob
    Turn 2: agoti
    Turn 3: nonsense
    Turn 4: bob from the bob and bosip mod
    Turn 5: matt
    Turn 6: eteled
    Turn 7: sonic.exe
    Turn 8: the red imposter
    Turn 9: hypno
    Turn 10: bambi
    Turn 11: bandu
    Turn 12: tord
    Turn 13: the smiler
    Turn 14: cuphead
    Turn 15: any pibby corrupted character
    Turn 16: shaggy
    Please someone make this cover

  5. im so stupid i have a crush on a video game bf

  6. •Tropical_Blossom•🏳️‍⚧️• says:

    Its only ba, be, bo

  7. Nememebhedgeeeejjjjhhgrdf is all they say and it's annoying

  8. Still better than 80% of the shit that the fans come up with

  9. why do i think that "eleventh hour" from oneshot and this song's vocals go together very well? i'm scared and i don't wanna know

  10. Back when Friday Night Funkin’ was actually fun.

  11. back when everything about fnf was good

  12. Is it just me or is it that Week one reminds of the song Rude by MAGIC!

  13. remember when fnf wasn't content for kids and there wasn't the game full of mods that makes the original game get forgotten?

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  15. OMG THIS IS A BANGER (because I shot my dog and the gun went BANG while I was listening to this song/!!!!! :##### ^-^)

  16. I love how Tutorial has the same BPM as Bopeebo, indicating it's kind of like a tutorial in it's own right.

  17. Friday night Funkins take on the three stooges three blind mice

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