Bite - Friday Night Funkin': VS. Ourple Guy V3 -

Bite – Friday Night Funkin’: VS. Ourple Guy V3

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS. Ourple Guy V3 JUST RELEASED!
FNF VS. Ourple Guy V3 is a Five Nights at Freddy’s Friday Night Funkin’ mod that contains 2 WEEKS and a total of 23 SONGS!
Ourple Guy V3 Mod Download:
😎 Hope you enjoy the video! 😎
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Followed – Friday Night Funkin’: VS. Ourple Guy V3
Ourple Guy is a non-profit Friday Night Funkin’ Mod that adapts Five Nights At Freddy’s! However the mod is not meant to be taken seriously as its just them having goofy fun with these characters, some of which that are either their own interpretation of FNAF characters, or some new characters, too!

0:00 Markiplier’s Intro
0:15 Freddy’s Part
0:55 Bonnie’s Part
1:50 Golden Freddy’s Part
2:29 Foxy’s Part
3:08 Freddy Returns
4:04 6 AM


  1. this markiplier sounds like the real markiplier tho

  2. This and Followed, 2 best songs in the whole mod

  3. Oh shit you actually made it I remember you from 3 years ago

  4. Ok, but why does this song actually SLAP tho?

  5. Congrats on having reached over 200 million total views

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