BF vs Hex Electric Fight (Friday Night Funkin' Animation) -

BF vs Hex Electric Fight (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

Chino’s Animated
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Slightly more detailed plot explanation:
After leaving the Updike facility to go to the park, Boyfriend and Girlfriend stumble upon Whitty’s friend, Hex! Seeing that he’s friendly, BF takes upon his offer to rap-battle him instead of fighting him…. Until… that Weekend, Hex got hacked and taken over by a notable underworld media company who are aiming to take down The Dearest company. BF stands up to fight the hackers out of Hex’s body along with Carol and Whitty who got up from the crowd. Sunday, who was also already there for the concert was told by Carol to stay in the crowd because she wouldn’t have been able to survive the fight as a normal human. The real Hex was put inside one of Updike’s robots which was teleported by Girlfriend, and also agrees to fight. The Demons accept this offer gladly and corrupt Hex’s body further, making him stronger and capable to shoot high voltage electricity. They aim to boost their reputation by soloing Girlfriend and 4 of her friends, while the others aim to break the corruption and put hex back in his body before the hackers take control of it again. (This story made alot more sense in my head lol)

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Vs Hex Weekend Update:

Songs used (in order):
“Ram” Instrumental:
Original “Glitcher” remix:
My Glitcher remix cover:
“Dunk” Instrumental:

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0:00 Context/Prologue
0:57 Fight
4:34 (another) (Important channel update)

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Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: Filmora11 / Adobe Premier Pro
Drawing tablet: GAOMON M10K 2018


  1. This sing is not detected its glitcher

  2. Interesting that when BF ECHOes Hex he made his cap metallic. Funny

  3. 👍🤩😍😍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  4. Mod idea sunday's cousin. Name Orion. Hair brown. A little bit taller than Sunday. Song 1 he sits on a chair and sleep sings. Song 2 he gets up and wraps himself in a blanket and sings. Song three he sings with Sunday. Background Carol 's house

  5. 3:41 bad idea man… also, you really should’ve given Whitty the chance to use ballistic mode. 2:52 also, this guy literally CONTROLS them!!!

  6. hex controlled literally every person on that stage and was moving them like toys

  7. How did I not hear about this? Banger Soundtrack, Great animation. Heck, even the background got changed a little bit, as the crowd looks dissatisfied with the so called “electronic entertainment” they have on stage.

  8. I like how they were getting attacked and they looked like they were dancing lol

  9. 10/10 i do wanna see one where a fight gets so hard from bf that he uses everything he learned from wii boxing or he has another rematch with matt but with his newest abilities 😭

  10. If somebody added lyrics to this it would just be Golden

  11. Почему вы все говорите на английском языке

  12. I love how at 3:42 wittty just decides to try and beat the hackers out of hex with fire punches

  13. Hey I know it's been 7 months Chino's Animated but I really love your animations ive been watching them since your matt vs bf and I literally cannot stop watching them I really like your animations and how hard you work on them. Please keep taking your time with these because they are absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait for the next few animations you make. Keep up the extraordinary work and keep pursuing these animations.

  14. I want whitty to go crazy when he attacked bf but its ok😂

  15. hex right now is strongest character cuz he fighted BF(electro form), GF, Whity, Carol(angel form), and laser robot at the same time and nearly won if it was 1v1 or even 2v1 hex would win easily so yeah Hex is overpowered in this AU and its ironic cuz in original mod hex wasnt hard at all(yeah i know they made hex remake and this remake is hard BUT old hex was easy)

  16. The characters are Keith Girlfriend Carol WhitMore
    Updike's Guard and Hex in it

    Enemy Is The Hacker

  17. Don’t worry guys he will be back soon when the holiday starts

  18. This is basically like a JRPG rap battle I love it

  19. 02:52
    Hex power:10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  20. Some of the sprites are from the whitty fire fights and the updike parts

  21. I want to use this version of boyfriend for my animation.

  22. I seriously still love the echo ability it gives something new to bf character and gives him a reason to pretty much be able to counter his opponent in a sense depending on who or what they are

  23. The FNF characters fights every are so epicness!!!

  24. Bruh it been 999999999999 years and you didn’t post

  25. After fnf died he died too.hopefully hesmjust making another animation that last 50 minutes hopefully.

  26. Like I mentioned later in the video, video upload rate will probably be slower cuz of college. However, cuz I'm now done with making FNF series(es) at the moment, I can still make awesome fight animations like this with other random mods and maybe a few other cool non-FNF related animation ideas I have at the moment. But honestly, outside of FNF fight animations, let me know if there's anything you might want me to animate, and I could set up a poll for it if I think its a good idea.
    (Also at 4:36, it's meant to say "Glitcher" remix cover)

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