Atrocity - D-sides Remix - Friday Night Funkin' - (FANMADE) -

Atrocity – D-sides Remix – Friday Night Funkin’ – (FANMADE)

Dominik Naegi
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late Chrismas Special! xd

i noticed that no one made a D-side Cover of Atrocity..
So i did 😉

Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin

Effect author credits:
Linear – StevenM,Dubswitcher,Youlean
TextDraw, ItsFullOfStars – Jph Wacheski

#fnf #fridaynightfunkin #remix #dsides #meowbahh #v1nce #jellybean


  1. bro this deserves more attention like seriously great job

  2. I wanna hear the instrumental because this was amazing! 😌✌🏼

  3. I had an idea of making something with V1nce a long time ago, now we just need something with razer (the waffle house trend creator) and we have the full trio

  4. Start:
    (insert cringe line)
    -Who's this fucker trying to fool?
    (insert another cringe line)
    -God,give this motherfucker a does of reality,and a shower.
    Cool part:
    -Stfu MeowMid (aka EDP445).
    -You're so cringe that you were adopted twice.
    (These lyrics are made up)

  5. I feel like this would be called, "Judgetrocity" 🤣

  6. Cool d-side remix, only complaint is that its just a swap, with no real redesings

  7. Suggestion: atrocity but it's dumpy and blippi (atrocity b3)

  8. This should be called Outrage.
    Also banger.


  10. You should make pasta night dsides you don't have to tho

  11. In a fnf b3 remix of atrocity, Veshremy would replace the skeletons!

  12. … y’know the only problem I have with this song is the “guitar” part.

    It just doesn’t fit with the song at all, even If this is just a atrocity remix.

    Other Than that, BANGER

  13. I am in absolute awe and this is absolutely beautiful

  14. Hey just a little question, what do they say at the beginning of the song?

  15. Tbh assets are a banger! And Song Is A Banger + Fire! More content like this!

  16. Don't mean to sound rude, but who are these two?

  17. you got pngfunkin's attention congrats
    remix is a banger, art is cute great job

  18. Isn't this actually gonna be B side? I mean Meowbahh drama is like 2 drama topic that happend in png community. I think D side is now just replacement for B side.

    Anyways good remix!

  19. This deserves more attention, you've earned a subscriber 🥰

  20. This is top tier man! you're really good at makeing songs, the vocals for both v1nce and meowbah are amazing, atleast better then the other ones i've heard.

  21. LOL, this fits so well. the vince chromatic is really good. nice!

  22. A alternative version if meowbahh was in jellybeans places

  23. You need more credit
    Wish this could be a mod but idk how to do sprites

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