Animation Vs Friday Night Funkin' Played by ALAN BECKER! (FULL GAME) -

Animation Vs Friday Night Funkin’ Played by ALAN BECKER! (FULL GAME)

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Animation Vs Friday Night Funkin’ Played by ALAN BECKER! (FULL GAME)

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  1. He made the stick figures well. A little TO well

  2. Alan should make an actual animation of Animation VS Friday Night Funkin’

  3. Is yellow okay? Like hes going around on circles for some reason-
    The fallen part kinda sounds like that sonic mod thing(sorry i dont really know the name of the mod😦)

  4. Yellow: spinning you spin me right round baby right round

  5. ・𝕀𝕟𝕗𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪・ says:

    Bf is like: this is normal

  6. I love this mod it has good music 🎶

  7. I see yellow spinning in the background when it was tco turn to sing

  8. Orange in fnf: music


  9. That yellow, orange, purple red And also black

  10. Let's just say this wasn't meant for you

  11. This was meant for people that have a lot less skill then me but not that much

  12. Alan vs alan level: either way, alan loses…

  13. You were telling that 'how did they know how I sound like? '
    Answer:because they must be your fans so I guess that's the reason

  14. I don’t think they made the mod. …..😅

  15. In the melody fallen, there is a section of endless from fnf vs sonic.exe.

  16. u guys not realize bf has a guitar ar the final story mode song that is not hidden

  17. Nobody:
    Me casually bobbing and bouncing my head to Green's beat:
    New version*
    Me casually bobbing and bouncing my head around ALONG WITH MY BODY to the others in the back just enjoying life:


    29:52 I found a Majin Sonic reference!! (btw you will find this at least 3 times in the song)

  18. i want to play this so bad but i dont know where to find the mod. 🙁

  19. No offense Alan, but you lost to a chicken, feel embarrassed, to redeem yourself, make a series surrounding a chicken which learns the ways of fighting from Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Blue.

  20. Yellow:👁️👄👁️

  21. I personally think green goes last/secont to last cause hes the best at singing.
    In yellow, theres so much lost potential of using a piston to push the notes to introduce 5 keys

  22. 5:42– Tip for stamina: If you press the notes lightly, it leaves you with more stamina! I learned this from a professional youtuber called SillyFanBoy. He is good at fnf.

  23. i usually play by looking at the animations and my hands just play for me its weird but it gets me full FC's on hard so it works 😂

    exit: also may i recommend the keybinds "D F J K?" definitely makes everything much easier

  24. its so cool how it has the creator of the animations is in this channel

  25. Hello Alan if in a future are you going to play again anything of fnf(friday night funky) use the keys in order but you use df for left and down jk for top arrow and right arrow both of you have a great day

  26. i thinked red in song 2 will spawn 2 pigs and call blue to make music potion

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