Animation VS Friday Night Funkin' Official Full Mod Gameplay -

Animation VS Friday Night Funkin’ Official Full Mod Gameplay

Sir Chap
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loved making this mod with the avf devs it was very fun the mods finally coming out btw huge shout out to @SpoonDiceMusic hes been carrying the music for animation vs fnf go give him some support rn

thumbnail by the goat mayo

gamebanan link:

Timestamp By @FireyDragon2136
0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Unwelcomed
3:13 – Mastermind
6:04 – Stickin’ to it
8:42 – Repeater
11:40 – Rock Blocks
16:23 – Stick Symphony
19:37 – Ignition
22:30 – Chickened
25:27 – Guitar Wars
29:01 – Chosen
31:23 – Make Some Noise
33:25 – Fallen
36:04 – an baker
38:10 – dud

well here are the people who worked on this
dareiphobia artist
hexal artist/animator
tostitos artist/animator
savia artist/animator
03cube artist/animator
lse musician
spoon dice music musician
ekical coder
white ninja coder
boink charter
cancerpinguin 2.0 charter
john daily charter
simox charter
yes its bee artist/animator/directors
salty sovet coder/artist
imjustatommix musician
mijaelio coder
geon woo artist/animator
serkoid coder
noogai artist
idiotic sugar musician
the lost gamer musician
ojogadoranimador artist/animator
robotic stress coder
skwwop charter
sensisgone charter
zeff111 charter
sugespb musician
mayosifrayo artist/animator

and top 10 aweome as musician


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  3. Not correct. TSC sings in “La” not “🎵🎶” but still amazing

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  6. The green fnf song was so fire so good!😊

  7. Animation VS Friday Night Funkin Official Full MOb

  8. 3:37 uhm excuse me does any one else hear "spooky scary skeletons"

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