AI GENERATED HORROR MOD | Friday Night Funkin' -

AI GENERATED HORROR MOD | Friday Night Funkin’

Tix Bro
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Generations: An AI Generated Based FNF Mod | Friday Night Funkin’

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0:00 BF?
0:43 The Real Horror Begins

Cool people who made the mod:

Main Devs
Coder and Charter


Sprite Artist

Special Thanks

Icons for credits (ingame)

Psych Engine
Credits to its owners

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  1. Just wondering what is AI Could be Alternative Inside?

  2. How did they made an AI working for that ?! That's insane
    Oh I get it, it's only an IMAGE made by an AI and then people create this. I thought an IA created the mod in some ways

  3. Aw man, that's actually scary. It's breathless horror. And what's the jumpscares are at at the first half of the video? The vocals are just making it be like it is. Wonder what the covers is. The old grains of character 1 left side adds to the horror.

  4. i wonder when there will be such a thing where a team of ai starts making and sharing mods with each other, creating the replacement for this mod and finally making a more ai generated mod, even with full weeks and maybe it could even be a new side of the FNF community. PNG to be a part of the 🌎🌍🤔🌝🌕🆕〽️ a lot to the truth of my sister had something for the whole time she got the job. Sorry for that. Had to add a part where the a.i. took over the message a bit. Anyway, I'm not crazy. The robots may take over the world once again? Oh. Ok. I'm not sure if you are going to be able to be there in the morning but I don't know if you are going to be able to be there by the time you get here and I will be there. The ai took over the message again. Well, have a great day. 👎 AW, THE AI "GENERATED" AN THUMBS "UP"? oops. I am sorry. Here's a double thumbs up to make up for it. 👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Why not ChatGPT get used for FNF mods now? The ai had displayed some knowledge on Unity C# Coding, so the ai may be able to give some code for a fnf Mod… or even make a new engine!

  6. this isn’t the same hOnkish song at all 🙁

  7. Great song and pretty decent designs overall, but I'm kinda tired of spooky FNF modes are just "blacked out face with glowing eyes and teeth". Where's the truly horrific mods? Maybe someone should dump a truckload of cash at LumpyTouch to get him to make something unironic.

  8. This is almost cooler then the Sonic.exe 3.0 for me! This looks really cool!

  9. This obviously bf and not a creature that made a vessel that resembles him also banger

  10. Which AI made this? WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THAT AI?!?! I need to know😢

  11. I'd like to know what the AI generated for this to be made

  12. They actually turn from an AI generated Art of Boyfriend and turning it into an Actual Mod

  13. Tix Bro: An AI Generated Based FNF Mod
    Me: Fr? or its just the ideia choosen by a A.I,not like made by an A.I

  14. Red from godzilla nes???, what are you doing here????

  15. When I see red d(the demon fellow next to who imma call blue) I think of gf bc the color idk why tho

  16. I still wanna know where this originated from

  17. You're kinda wrong about the title of video,the mod was based on a tweet,where some dude tried putting bf picture in ai generator,and he shared the result of ai generated picture in Twitter

    anyways I'm gonna get cancelled by comments


  18. I'm just now seeing this but I can honestly say that this legit might be one of the coolest/dopest fnf related things I have seen,

    And btw I love the music as well due to it being an absolute bop to listen to.

  19. That make sense because Boyfriend Is the only One survived every horror character and loses his Mind be a generation of horror Is really cool

  20. Horror mods are always good in fnf.

    But I'm worried that the community is getting oversaturated with them.

    Especially the Faker concept. People really love that, myself included.

  21. Now imagine if a A.i could make a Fnf song

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