AFTON IS HERE... HE ALWAYS COMES BACK!! | Friday Night Funkin' [Funkin at Freddy's] -

AFTON IS HERE… HE ALWAYS COMES BACK!! | Friday Night Funkin’ [Funkin at Freddy’s]

Forever Nenaa
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Gameplay of Funkin’ at Freddy’s + Afton Full Week

Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
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Unaware of certain rumours, a hungry Boyfriend decides to visit Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for a bite to eat. After he finishes his pizza he’s approached by a staff member who asks if he’d like to sing, Boyfriend agrees and the two decide to put on a show for the children of the restaurant! This can’t possibly go wrong, right?
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  1. On the left pose or right pose bf is literally sticking the middle finger


  3. Im glad you loved fazbars. It’s my best piece. <3

  4. 1:20

    My idea was that the song names go like this

    Afton is all nice and stuff, singing happily on a birth day party

    Follow me: Afton gained BFs trust thus telling him to follow him as you can see they're in a different room

    Midnight: It's midnight now, Afton's happy expression turned inti a serious one [as you can see via the pose change]

    You can't:

    Here, Afton has the springlock suit on for a disguise, BF has been murdered by Afton, Afton halfway through the song starts getting nervous, now holding the bloody knife…soon enough his nervous sweating triggers the faulty springlock mechanism to malfunction causing him to be crushed to death…

  5. I think it’s best you get a auto clicker to make it faster

  6. MattPat wouldn't rap battle you, He would Interview you. well… THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY.

  7. The forth song was from a other fnaf spring trap song

  8. for the easiest part on clicking afton she could just use autoclicker for not waisting time

  9. Cannonicly bf is 19 and gf was based of the charecter “girl” from rhythm heaven and the springtrap song the reason with bf’s eyes are white is because that is a side effect from being revived

  10. Afton never dies he already escaped from hell 6 times

  11. Nenaa,Don’t look at ghost BF’s Right animation! PLZ

  12. Bro, stop dissing Fazbars… it’s literally better than Rap God… it’s the best song every

  13. Arlene Ustare secon channel Lol wildrift says:

    This isint just a theory its a… GAME THEORY Made by matpat

  14. I think clicking 87 times is a reference to " The bite Of 87 "

  15. The fact that you have to click purple guy 1987 times is because the bite of 87 was in 1987

  16. Wow u got 540k subs!? I subbed you since 210k and like 260k i didnt check it. Congrats for 540k

  17. Hey Nenaa Can you play the sonic chaos nightmare mod if you already did be free to roast me (I like your video btw) 🙂

  18. Click on Phantom Bonnie your mouse is up there

  19. I like how in this mod in the song with springtrap bf is a phantom because in the you cant song he died and became a spirit, and in fnaf 3 the spirits appear as phantoms.

  20. Counting every time I see spoilers in thumbnails: 3

    So far,
    Forever Nenaa

  21. in BF's right animation when he is a ghost he flips off purple guy

  22. NEENA sorry to be like annoying but could you like stay a bit more quiet when there’s epic songs just that sorry for sounding like a bum but anim dude song is just so good

  23. IF I DIE, I START OVER (GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY)! | Friday Night Funkin' [Base Game]

  24. Noone:
    Actually Noone:
    Scott Cawthan: ree ree r-r-ree

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