AFTON IS HERE... HE ALWAYS COMES BACK!! | Friday Night Funkin' [Funkin at Freddy's] -

AFTON IS HERE… HE ALWAYS COMES BACK!! | Friday Night Funkin’ [Funkin at Freddy’s]

Forever Nenaa
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Gameplay of Funkin’ at Freddy’s + Afton Full Week

Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
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Unaware of certain rumours, a hungry Boyfriend decides to visit Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for a bite to eat. After he finishes his pizza he’s approached by a staff member who asks if he’d like to sing, Boyfriend agrees and the two decide to put on a show for the children of the restaurant! This can’t possibly go wrong, right?
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  1. the scott cawthonanimdude fight is based of fnaf world when you beat hard mode
    of the game you fight scott to get a trophy

  2. I only came here because the thumbnail has matpat on it and it’s there and you have 1+ subscribers

  3. How has nobody questioned how a candy mask is in celebrate???

  4. At the fourth song, he doesnt start with the knife. Fun little fact/easter egg people dont bother to check

  5. How do I play MattPatts song? I beat the other songs and just need to beat his and Scott's, but they didn't get unlocked

  6. I feel like this game would take place in the day shift at Freddy's universe

  7. I think springtraps voice lines are the ones from the AR game

  8. 7TS A GAME THOERY wait did I spell that wrong

  9. Can we just appreciate how much effort Nenna puts into these videos?

  10. Nenaa, you could've turned on auto clicker instead of using your hand for an hour or so.

  11. Afton has come back so much that he is not even scary anymore, "i finally completed that new fnaf game, ? , is that william afton? Oh yeah it is, Nice"

  12. This mod was awesome! I had a blast with it. The Matt Pat part was 100% goated.

  13. 21:26
    His name is actually Scott Cawthon, don't worry I made the same mistake of mistaking the th for an f

  14. 3:04
    This comment from Nenaa is a perfect example of why I love this song. It has a similar yet straight to the point vibe after the first one, but once you progress to the song you get the 'This is bad' feeling, while the song sounds really good.

  15. Oh also you should play the Anti-Piracy Sonic mod

  16. So the secret song is a refrence to the bite of 87 (markplier)
    That why you have to clik it 1987

  17. Last song is a reference to the bite of 1987

  18. Oh hey forever nenna can you play “our fallen constellation” it’s kinda nice song and gurl your getting good a lot

  19. I mean it would be hard singing in a rusted suit,i would know

  20. 27:54 You fool! That isn't a code to unlock a secret.
    Freddy Fazbear has obtained your IP Address.


  21. to unlock old man consequences song:

    1. Go to assetsdataconsequences

    2. Copy the consequences.json file

    3. Go to assetsdata[the song you want to replace with consequences]

    Example: celebrate

    4. Paste consequences.json file in

    5. Remove the normal difficulty of the .json you want to replace

    Example: celebrate.json

    6. Rename consequences.json to the name of the song you're replacing

    Example: renaming consequences.json to celebrate.json

    7. open the game, play the song in normal difficulty, and there you go! you can play the song now 🙂

  22. These songs are actual fire, lol fnaf reference fire be like

  23. "I always come back!"

    Security breach:
    "And Vanny that was my favorite catchphrase…"

  24. For the clicking on Afton part just use a auto clicker

  25. The glitchy guy that went through each arcade machine is actually shadow bonnie but the theory of matpats to be included with an afton related thing due to glitch trap later being out

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